Mental Performance Consultants work with athletes, artists, business people and anyone striving to perform at their best. Collaboratively, the consultant and performer train mental skills to get to that next level. Mental Performance Consultants earn certification through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. To provide the highest standard of services, I am currently completing the mentored hours for certification. Discounted sessions are available during this time. Current services include:


Coaching- Goal-setting, planning and mental skills training directed by your performance goals

Skill Building- Training sessions for a selected skill(s), such as goal-setting, focus or communication.

Coach Workshops- Science-based mental performance strategies for coaches to integrate into their team or program

Educational Presentations- A brief overview of mental skills and how they improve performance, enjoyment and relationships. Pro bono presentations available for youth sport organizations.

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The Coaching Process

The Foundation

From an understanding of your goals as an athlete, We will agree on a plan that includes the goals for our work, the skills we will practice and the number of sessions we will have together.

The Work

Each session, we will reflect on your progress, make adjustments, and rehearse mental skills.  Your practice between sessions will be the most important part of your growth.

The Finish

In our final session, we will reflect on our work together. You will continue to train and refine the mental skills on your own. The door will always be open to check-in or start with new goals.