Putting Youth Development
at the Center of Athletics

Developmental Athletics brings research, science and experience to coaches, parents and youth sport organizations to amplify the amazing work you are doing. We use the term Youth-Centered Athletics, where pathways to wellness, social capital, personal development and economic opportunities are at the center of planning every element of the sport environment. And we are not just talking. We are active in coaching and building athletic programs in the Baltimore Region. We are long-term partners in striving to increase access and impact of sport and fitness opportunities.


We sit down with you to develop youth-centered athletic vision, programs, curricula and coach trainings specific to your organization and youth.

Connecting to Research

Workshops, presentations and conversations connecting you to the research and science of youth athletics.

Building Together

We connect people and programs to each other to share ideas, build networks, and work together. A more cohesive environment will benefit youth.

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